CocoMelody's Stunning Wedding Dresses*

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A little bit different post than usual but I thought why not, since finding a perfect wedding dress can be pretty hard! I thought I'll share with you some dresses from online store CocoMelody, I'm sure you've heard at least once about it already. Summer is already around the corner and there's a lot of couples getting married so take a look at the website if you're planning to do so - at least for some inspiration :) And there are also a lot of proms happening in a few months, so this information might come handy to some of you, since the store also has an amazing variety of prom and any other special event dresses. Btw, they do offer worldwide shipping!

Their dresses are unique and I like them a lot, I'm pretty sure if I ever get married, I'll check this store for sure. In addition the dress can be custom tailored, for your exact fit which is amazing and you don't have to worry about not fitting into it ;)

Their low back wedding dresses are stunning, my favourite must be this one:

It's so simple, yet pretty and very elegant. I would go bolder with the accessories ;) 

You can also take a look at their backless gown collection, my top 3 favourite ones are:

They do have affordable prices but yet they're still always having amazing deals! At the moment they're running a deal where you get 25$ off wedding dresses that retail for more than 200$.

I hope you like my choices, and definitely check them out if you need a dress for a special event :)


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  3. I really like your selection of dresses from this webstore, I see here many beautiful dresses :)

  4. What a great post with beautiful pictures. keep working dear. Wish you success !
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  5. My fav is the firts<3

  6. I love Cocomelody
    Their dresses are absolutely gorgeous

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  7. Beautiful dresses. Great post dear! xoxo

  8. Beautiful dresses. Great post dear! xoxo

  9. Woow great post,this is a dream of every girl (well almost every)
    Dresses are supergreat!! :D
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  10. great post!