Essence "Urbaniced" Limited Edition - First Impressions

Hi cuties! :)

I won an Essence giveaway about a week ago and I got three items from their limited edition Urbaniced, which you can still find in stores, so I decided I'll share my first impression with you ;)

I got a highlighter, a blush and one of the three eyeshadows that this collection consists of.

Let's start with the blush and the highlighter :) 

Essence "Urbaniced" Blush - 01 The Sunny Side Of The Street 

Has a very nice soft texture and you get 8g of product. It looks like a marble of light pink and more intense rose colour. I love blushes in these colours so I think it will get a lot of love :))

The design is gorgeous btw! :)

Essence "Urbaniced" Highlighter - 01 The Happy Direction

Another beauty in this collection is this pretty highlighter. Buttery texture with high pigmentation is a win in my book! I think this one is very appropriate for fair skin, because of the light shade. And I have to mention that this product has a scent to it, it's floral and it's very noticable. I don't know what's the deal with brands scenting their products lately, but I most say I don't like it. (off topic: an Avon product that is scented actually makes me sick :O)

It has a 3D design inspired with the street graffiti, which is beautiful. 

Essence "Urbaniced" Eyeshadow - 01 City Girls Rule!

Of the three eyeshadows that this collection consists of, I would choose this one in a heartbeat! :) 

It's a pretty shimmery silver eyeshadow and has a nice pigmentation, however I can't say how it would perform on lids, because I haven't tested it yet :)

Considering the very affordable price and an amazing quality I would mostly recommend the blush and the higlighter! I can't recommend the eyeshadow because I haven't tested it properly. As always, the design of the Essence products is beautiful and I'd like to buy a lip cream from this collection, I hope I can still find it :)

I hope you enjoyed and have an amazing day, Kisses!


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  1. Omg I love the color of the first blush! It's so pretty<3 Great post!

  2. These essence cosmetics look great, I'd love to try them out too, you did great review, dear :)

    1. They're awesome really!

      Thank you so much for your lovely comment :3


  3. I like essence cosmetics:) Great post!

  4. Hi there! Nice post! :)
    By the way I just spotet your blog and I´m totally in love! Nice work!
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    1. Thank you dear so much for your lovely comment :3

      Sure, I'll check your blog! Kisses