Essence "Fun Fair" Trend Edition - Preview

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fun and excitement is guaranteed at the fun fair! with the trend edition “fun fair”, essence is taking a fantastic tour of the fairground. the wonderful scent of cotton candy, popcorn and candy apples is in the air and thrilling attractions ensure a lively atmosphere and cheerful visitors.
the colour scheme consists of pastel shades like vanilla, apricot, rosé and mint with pink and lavender as a bright contrast. highlights are the four satin matt nail polishes in sweet colours with four different candy fragrances and the two cotton candy nails for a cool cotton candy effect! the stretchy hair ties are another must-have with their cute lollipop design.
let’s take a ride on the ferris wheel… with essence! 

Essence Fun Fair - Baked Eyeshadow

FAIRly FUNtastic! the three different eyeshadows in vanilla-rosé, mint and lavender with a baked, soft and powdery texture as well as a fabulous marble effect ensure gorgeous colour highlights for your eyes. applied moist, the colour is even more intense.
available in 01 you´re mint-blowing, 02 be my marshfellow! and 03 plump it up!

Essence Fun Fair - Lipstick

summer lips! create summery accents on your lips in bright pink or fresh apricot. the lipsticks offer semi-transparent coverage and are easy to apply thanks to the slim stick shape.
available in 01 ring around the rosy and 02 sweetheart´s sweet tooth.

Essence Fun Fair - Blush

love at first blush. the blush with a soft, baked texture – available in a choice of intensive pink or radiant apricot – ensures a fresh, summery complexion. for naturally rosy cheeks like you’ve just come back from a ride on the ferris wheel.
available in 01 ring around the rosy and 02 sweetheart´s sweet tooth.

Essence Fun Fair - Shimmer Pearls

beauty bonbons! the slightly shimmering pearls offer your face and neckline a subtle glow. the perfectly aligned pastel shades are inspired by the fabulous nuances of the world of sweets.
available in 01 keep sweet and sparkle on!

Essence Fun Fair - Nail Polish

smells like candy… four nail polishes in the summery shades mint, rosé, pink and apricot – all with a trendy, silky-matt finish – give your nails a fashionable look. all nail polishes have different, subtle candy fragrances reminiscent of your last visit to a fun fair.
available in 01 you're mint-blowing, 02 be my marshfellow!, 03 ring around the rosy and 04 sweetheart's sweet tooth.

Essence Fun Fair - Cotton Candy Nails

cotton candy topping! conjure-up a fluffy cotton candy effect on your nails with the cotton candy nails – a cool mix of glitter and powder. simply sprinkle the nail powder in rosé-pink or mint on top of freshly applied nail polish that’s still wet, allow to dry and you’re done!
available in 01 candylicious and 02 sugar for my honey!

Essence Fun Fair - Lolly Hair Ties

so sweet… put your hair up in a ponytail with these soft, elastic hair ties before your next rollercoaster ride! the hair ties come in five pastel shades and are a really cool eye-catcher and present thanks to the cute lollipop packaging style.
available in 01 the bright ride of life.

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