Essence "Love & Sound" Trend Edition - Preview

festival fun! the open-air season is about to begin and attracts international top stars and fashionistas to many festivals! let’s rock the spring and summer months!
the new trend edition “love & sound” offers all music and style fans a totally cool collection with the latest ethno looks. the warm color scheme with orange, berry, apricot and light green provides a fresh touch of summer and the products are sure to put you in the mood for partying. stylish cuticle tattoos with an ethno pattern, the bronzing paper and the two matt lipsticks in intensive shades are just three of the highlights. the heel protection pads are a must to protect your feet and offer great grip as you walk along the open-air area.
we’re ready for the sun and cool sounds – with you!

Essence Love & Sound - Eyeshadow

boho beauty! the ultra-soft, baked eyeshadow texture blends easily and creates a bright festival make-up in berry, light green or apricot. all three shades have a fantastic, pearly finish.
available in 01 glastonberry, 02 make life a festival and 03 feel the vibe

Essence Love & Sound - Multi Style Eyeliner Pen

line-up! equipped with a three-tip applicator, the multi style eyeliner makes it easy to create unique eyeliner looks. whether you go for classic, extra-broad, dots or triple lines – you’re sure to attract plenty of attention! deep-black and long-lasting, this eyeliner is sure to survive your favorite band’s performance without smudging.
available in 01 perfect line-up

Essence Love & Sound - Lipstick

lost in sound... bold apricot-orange and soft berry ensure intensive, colorful lips that exude pure fun. the matt finish provides a totally cool festival style.
available in 01 crowd gone wild and 02 glastonberry.

Essence Love & Sound - Blush

sunset state-ment! the blush with an apricot to berry color gradient and a silky texture creates gorgeous, colorful highlights on your cheeks for a fresh and healthy complexion. it can also be used for contouring.
available in 01 sunset @ center stage.

Essence Love & Sound - Bronzing Paper

summer sound! the bronzing paper is a true multi-talent: it absorbs excess sebum, mattifies and has an integrated bronzing powder for sun-kissed skin! absolutely practical for on the go so you can refresh your look quickly and easily – and it’s sure to fit into any purse, too.
available in 01 sunkissed & happy.

Essence Love & Sound - Nail Polish

colorful life! the four trendy, long-lasting “love & sound” nail polishes in apricot-orange, blue, berry and light green offer an exciting “desert sand” effect on your nails. the sandy-matt finish looks great with any indie-outfit!
available in 01 make life a festival, 02 blue-chella, 03 glastonberry and 04 feel the vibe

Essence Love & Sound - Cuticle Tattoos

cute cuticles! nail styling is about to become ultra-cool: in addition to perfectly polished nails, you can now decorate your cuticles with tiny tattoos. feathers, the infinity symbol or ethno patterns – with 28 different images to choose from, the selection is huge! and here’s how easy it is: select your favorite tattoo, cut it out and place on the clean, dry cuticle of the desired finger. press down firmly and then carefully peel off after five seconds. wow!
available in 01 ethno girls ahead!

Essence Love & Sound - Heel Protection Pads

california ground… the heel protection pads are ideal for long days in your favorite shoes: the specially shaped, transparent gel pads protect the heel area from friction and chafing and offer super grip – even in the highest heels!
available in 01 these pads are made for walking.

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  1. Všeč mi je tale kolekcija, mikajo me tiste nalepke, blush mi je ful lep in lakci:)

  2. I have a lot of things of essence, I love all of them <3

  3. Kuk je zakon kolekcija :O Tista senčka berry mi je ful ušeč, pa nalepke, pa blush, pa lakeci haha :P In una bul roza barve šminka mi je lepa :)

  4. Uuu že vidim, da bom spet zapravljala. Sploh laki se mi luštajo, super odtenki :)

    1. Jaz tudi ja :D Še dobro, da so poceni izdelki ;) Ja res so lepe barve, upam da bodo v živo enaki ;)