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Today's post is a little bit different. You're enjoy it if you like tea, just like me :D I love drinking tea and enjoy trying different kinds. I found a new online store that sells chinese tea for you. They cooperate with family farms that grow tea leaves and deliver the freshest Chinese tea.

Chinese tea has a long, extensive and profound history. As well - known, Chinese tea culture has swept the world for so many years. It is unique in taste and fresh in smell, also works great at regulating the healthy development of body functions. Many people all over the world love drinking it! Moreover, high - quality tea is also used as a decent gift choice. The company is dedicated to finding a wide range of high quality teas in China, providing high quality service. They also sell teaware - pots, cups and cute sets.

One of the interesting teas for me is a chinese black tea. Black tea is a type of tea that is more oxidized than oolong, green and white teas. It is generally stronger in flavour than other teas. All four types are made from leaves of the shrub (or small tree) Camellia sinensis. Two principal varieties of the species are used - the small - leaved Chinese variety plant which is used for most other types of teas, and the large-leaved Assamese plant, which was traditionally mainly used for black tea, although in recent years some green and white teas have been produced in China where black tea was discovered. The beverage is called "Red tea" due to the colour of the oxidized leaves when processed appropriately. While green tea usually loses its flavour within a year, black tea retains its flavour for several years.

This kind of black tea is produced in Quimen County, Anhui Province. Qimen black tea is a fully fermented tea with high flavour and mellow taste, delicate taste, tender fragrance and unique taste.

Another one that caught my attention is the bulk clove black tea.

Product Category: Clove Tea
Import or not: No
Origin: Jilin
Ingredients and Ingredients: Clove Leaves
Specialty: Yes
Storage method: cool and dry

Let me know what do you think, do you like tea, what kind? :)


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