New In - June 2018

Hey loves <3

Another month, another new in post..This time there's more products because I went to holidays to Croatia so I needed more :D

I also treated myself a bit :P

Dolce & Gabanna Light Blue EDT

Afrodita Sun Care Sunscreen Milk SPF20

Balea Avocuddle & Strawberry-Kiss Duschgel
Balea Cocos Ananas Duschgel

Balea Softe Reinigungs Tucher Limited Edition
Balea Mizellen Reinigungs Tucher

Avon Footworks Deodorising Foot and Shoe Spray with lavender
Avon Care Sun+ Sun Spray SPF15

Avon Senses Kir Royale Rapsberry & Cassis Shower Gel
Avon Senses Anti-Stress Shower Gel

Avon Cocktail Collection Rapsberry Cassis Scented Spritz
Avon Mark. Epic Lip Transformer Lipstick

Nivea Purifying Micellar Shampoo
Balea Aqua Augen Roll-On

Balea Pflege-Kick Tuch Maske
Balea "Cool Camel" LE Tuch Maske

Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo
Balea Hygiene Handgel

That's all for the month of June. I can't wait to try Batiste dry shampoo, it's my first time buying it :))

Enjoy <3

16 komentarjev:

  1. These items look really great! I have tried that dry shampoo and it works really well.

    1. Thanks! Oh that's wonderful, I've heard many great things about Batiste so I finally got it :P Hope it works for me as well :))


  2. I see that we use similar products - personally I'm huge fan of this new shampoo from Nivea and everything from Batiste <3

    1. Me too, this shampoo somehow at the time works for me really great.

      Batiste I have yet to try, hope it's good as everyone says it is :)

      Thanks Ivonne for reading <3

  3. Ottime novità!! Adoro Dolce e Gabbana ❤️

  4. That perfume was my least fave from a set of samples i got, everyone loves different scents though. I hope you enjoyed your vacay!!
    have a great weekend

    1. Oh really? I usual don't like scents like this one, but this one totally convinced me :D

      Thank you dear <3 I wish you the same! xx