Essence "Ready, Steady, Summer" TE - PREVIEW


Wake up and workout! With the new essence trend edition “ready, steady, summer!”, we’re turning May 2018 into an active month full of fun, fitness and sports! Beauty must-haves with “instant effects” and some with a sun protection factor ensure that all gym girls look stylish for their workouts and that their summer body is within reach!

Essence "Ready, Steady, Summer!" - Active Proof Fixing Powder

The transparent powder fixes the make-up in place and has an spf of 20 to protect the skin from the sun during all open-air activities. 

Available in 01 the summer is yours

Essence "Ready, Steady, Summer!" - Gym Kit

The transparent kit with two spiral hair ties and a cool sweatband in pink offers the ideal support for demanding workouts at the gym or when you’re jogging. 

Available in 01 skaters gonna skate

Essence "Ready, Steady, Summer" - Instant Matt Blotting Paper

Special mattifying paper that instantly removes unwanted shine and offers a long-lasting matt complexion. 

Available in 01 girls don´t sweat, they sparkle

Essence "Ready, Steady, Summer!" - Instant Refresh Dry Shampoo Powder

Simply sprinkle the dry shampoo powder in blonde or brown on your hair, comb and that’s it! For hair that looks freshly washed and has a fantastic fragrance.

Available in 01 Fit is the hit, 02 the winner side of life.

Essence "Ready, Steady, Summer!" - Refreshing Body Mist

The body spray offers a burst of refreshment and leaves behind a light, revitalizing fragrance on the body. The ideal fresh-up after a strenuous workout at the beach. 50 ml 

Available in 01 go for a hike or ride your bike 

Essence "Ready, Steady, Summer!" - Tinted Moisturizer

The tinted moisturizing creme with a sun protection factor of 20 individually adapts to any skin tone to ensure a flawless complexion in seconds! For a slightly tanned look – it absorbs into the skin super fast and won’t smudge thanks to its tint effect. 

Available in 01 they see me rolling, i´m skating

Essence "Ready, Steady, Summer!" - Colour Changing Lipbalm

The lipbalm in light blue or pale pink turns into a natural, bright pink or pale red upon application. It is available in two versions – one with a subtle menthol fragrance and the other with a neutral scent – both with an spf of 20.  

Available in 01 Don't stop till you drop, 02 Wake up and work out.

Essence "Ready, Steady, Summer!" - Base And Top Coat

Applied as a base coat, the polish ensures a long-lasting manicure, while it seals the nail polish and offers a mirror-shine finish when used as a top coat. 

Available in 01 go hard or go home

Essence "Ready, Steady, Summer!" - Neon Nail Polish Spray

Bright neon nail styles are easy to achieve with this nail polish spray. Here’s how it works: first, use a base coat and leave to dry thoroughly. Then spray the nail polish spray on the nails and seal with a top coat. Next, wash your hands to remove any residues from the skin. The spray dries with a matt finish and comes in the three summery shades: neon lavender, neon orange and neon pink. Please note the application and warning notices on the product.

Available in 01 Run Baby, Run!, 02 No pain, no gain and 03 Train hard, play harder.

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