Advice from makeup artist – how to clean you beauty items efficiently

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Today I have a bit different post for you, an advice from a makeup artist! How exciting :)

If your beauty tools are in a bad condition and you don’t clean them often, then you are in for an unpleasant surprise. Makeup gadgets, especially those which are used for the application of foundation or concealer or any other liquid or cream-based makeup tend to get dirty all the time because bacteria are very easily transferred in a liquid environment. This can be terrible for your skin and can lead to irritation and acne problems. 

This is why, as a person who has experience in this area, I recommend you to clean your tools every week or at least once every two weeks in the worst case. I promise you that this will definitely affect your makeup routine in a positive way. The truth is that there is no reason to avoid cleaning your makeup tools more regularly. If you take care of your beauty supplies, you will be able to use them longer and this way you will make a great investment out of them.

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Clean your brushes

The best way to get rid of the dirt on your makeup brushes is to use warm water and baby shampoo. Now, tell me that this is not a non-harmful and easy way to clean your makeup tools. Start by wetting your brush under running lukewarm water. Be careful not to wet the place where the handle meets the head. If you wet it, you might wash off some of the glue that actually holds the bristles together. Once the brush is wet you can pour a drop of the shampoo in your palm and use a swirling motion to get the shampoo between the bristles of the brush. Once you think that the dirt and oils have come off the brush, rinse your makeup tool under a running lukewarm water again. Squeeze all of the moisture and if the water which comes off is still not clear repeat the step with the baby shampoo.

When you are sure that your brush is properly cleaned, use a clean cloth or a paper towel to dry the bristles of your brush and restore its shape. Lay your wet brushes on a cloth and let them air dry and they should be ready for use in the morning. 


The trick for your makeup sponge

Did you know that a simple bar soap actually makes wonders for the tough stains on your makeup sponge? Just rub the sponge directly into the bar soap and all of the dirt will be stripped off and your sponge will be properly cleaned in an instant. Rinse it with a lukewarm water and squeeze out the moisture. Let the sponge air dry overnight and you will be ready to blend your makeup to perfection.

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Don’t forget the tweezers and the pencil sharpener

These beauty tools are often neglected but they actually are full with germs and you should clean them regularly, too. Don’t forget to disinfect your tweezers and pencil sharpener to avoid the bacteria that might stick to them. Use a cotton ball dampened with a rubbing alcohol and rub your beauty tools. This way you can be sure that your beauty gadgets are properly disinfected and ready to be used again.

Spending a fortune on your makeup brushes and sponges is not enough. If you want to have the perfect application and healthy skin, you should take good care for your tools. This means that you should stick to the regular cleaning routine. I promise you that soon this will become like a habit. I guarantee you that both the condition of your skin and the look of your makeup will improve tremendously if you maintain the clean look of your makeup brushes and sponges. 

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