REVIEW: Oriflame Tender Care Protecting Balm

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Oriflame recently came out with the golden edition of their Tender Care protecting balm, which is for their 50th anniversary. I decided to buy it because of the pretty packaging :)

Tender Care Protecting balm by Oriflame is one of the best selling products. It's natural ingredients make it a healthy cream to use. It is made of the bee wax and vegetable oils. 

You get 15 ml of product for about 3€. It comes in various scents as well, cherry, coconut, blackcurrant etc. 

It's suppose to be a multi purpose product, you can basically use it for any dry areas on your body. It comes in the cutest oval shaped pot packaging, though I love the packaging but I wish it was a little bit broader for convenient usage. I mostly use this balm on my elbows and feet.

It gets absorbed very quickly and leaves skin smooth and instantly soft. The balm is tasteless and does not have any odor. Whenever I use this balm it reminds me of Vaseline . It is quite similar to that but it is not greasy like Vaseline.

I absolutely love this balm (as well as my whole family :D); the only thing I wish it was in a tube. It looks cute in this tiny jar, but not really convenient, especially when you use it up a lot.

Would definitely recommend it if you don't mind the packaging ;)

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