REVIEW: Oriflame Royal Velvet Firming Eye Contour Cream

Hey loves :)

I recently started getting into eye creams and this eye contour cream from Oriflame really caught my eye. The Royal Velvet range offers a rich and sensual formula infused with iris flower to firm, strengthen and intensely hydrate your skin. 

This range targets women over 40 years, but I don't mind using it, it's never too early to start with an eye creams to prevent any wrinkles because using just the moisturizer isn't enough to hide any signs of aging ;)

Here are the ingredients if anyone's interested.

I really like the packaging, gold and violet make it seem more luxurious. 

The texture of this product is creamy but very light and it's quickly absorbed so after a few moments my skin feels dry. I prefer more moisturizing creams.

All in all to see more effect I have to use it longer. I've been using it for about a month but I don't see any results yet. I'll update you for sure ;)

What eye creams do you recommend?


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  1. Really interesting post, dear Katja! So good review! I didn't try this product but It looks so useful and really nice! Like it a lot! I love Oriflame!


  2. Hi dear what shame for this eye cream..
    I tested the Q10 contour cream, it is very good!

    1. Yeah well, I hope I'll some results after more time.. Oh that's great to hear!

  3. Odgovori
    1. Haven't tried it yet, but I might! Thanks for the recommendation ;)

  4. Interesting post my dear, thank you for sharing :-)

  5. I do hope you see results katja, i have never used an i cream most natural products i use like honey and shea butter have anti aging properties

  6. It looks interesting maybe I will try it:)

  7. Great review post dear! ♥
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  8. Great post,photos look amaizing! *-* Perfect....
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  9. Great post! Have a lovely Day! 🌻🌻🌻

  10. Sorry to hear that you haven't noticed any effects yet, because this product sounds lovely, Katja.

  11. Great review dear! Maybe it needs a bit more time to show effect?
    Have a lovely day! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  12. It's sad that you can't see any results but it's a typical problem with eye creams, I've tried couple eye creams and I was never 100% satisfied with the effects.

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