In Style With Stylewe*

Hey loves :)
Have you heard or visited the clothing site Stylewe? I've written for them before, but If you haven't read the post - It's an online fashion shopping platform featuring independent fashion designers. They believe fashion should be diversified and personal and fashion designers should not cater only to rich and famous, which I totally agree with :) 
When StyleWe contacted me again, asking if I would like to write for them, I just couldn't resist browsing through their collection - and so happy I did because I found some lovely pieces :) 
I really like their sweet 16 dresses, they have amazing variety (from more elegant ones to some that you can definitely wear for everyday), take a look at my favourites!


You can read their fashion tips also on their blog which is here -> CLICK. Plus you can always take a look at their social media, here's their Facebook link -> CLICK.

Let me know which of the dresses is your favourite ;)

Have a lovely day <3

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  2. I love your selection, this webstore has terrific dresses :)

  3. Excellent post (as always)!Thank you very much :)

  4. Fantastic selection! These dresses are so beautiful, perfect for Christmas :)

    xoxo dear ❤

  5. Stunning dresses!
    Have a nice Friday!

    1. Thank you Anya, I wish you a lovely Friday as well as an amazing weekend ;)xx

  6. loveee the second dress

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  8. OMG
    I totally fell in love with the second one! IT'S SO PERFECT😻
    I did not know they had an amazing group of dresses like that!
    Have a wonderful weekend beauty!

    Elena from Somniare Aude blog

  9. i love dresses <3

  10. My fav is this one with blue and white pattern :-)