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Hello! Today I'll show you things that I bought past few days. They are mostly from Essence, and were all on sale :)

Let's start.

1. Essence kajal pencil n. 24 Pretty in fuchsia; 0,99€

Well this pencil is discontinued now, so I got it for only 0,99€. I bought it mostly because of the colour, it's so pretty and I never had a similar one.

Essence says it is long – lasting, however I haven't tried it yet, so I can't really say anything about that. 

2. Essence XXXL shine lipgloss  n. 24 Just georgeous; 5 ml - 0,99€

Also discontinued is this XXXL shine lipgloss. The colour of this is absolutly amazing and it is soooo pigmented. I actually  expected glitter in it, but it turned out that this one doesn't contain them and I was even happier than before:P

The applicator is thin and longer than usual so it makes application quick and easy. The scent is also nice, fruit and sweet at the same time, but nothing too unnatural. It's also very glossy and moisturizing. Overall, a very good product, I think I'll probably try some other colours too :)

3. Essence Colour & go nail polish n. 178 Hello spring!; 8 ml -  0,99€

This nail polish is also discontinued.  It's a lovely colour, very pretty.  I don't have a swatch yet, but I will post it soon, probably on NOTD post.

4. Balea Street Art Deo-Body spray; 150 ml - 0,79€

Well I needed a new deodorant and I saw this one on sale (you have probably now already figured out I love sales :D).
It also comes in an orange version. This one smells like berries, it's lovely, but it's gone after a few hours. Nothing special about this really, i will not repurchase.

5. Essence Metal Glam eyeshadow n. 03 Frosted apple; 2,7g – 0,99€

Also discontinued. Well, the colour of this eyeshadow is just… amazing. The glitter on the top is just an overspray, but there are some sparkles in the colour itself too. It's very nice and also very pigmented.

I have already one of these Metal Glam eyeshadows, and I'm very pleased with it. I have very oily lids and it stays on very long. However, I always apply primer.

6. Essence 3D eyeshadow n. 03 Irresistible first love; 2.8g – 0,99€


Discontinued.  I Haven't tried this 3D eyeshadows before and I'm honestly very impressed by the quality. This duo contains a pink and a grey/silver shade. Both are light in colour.

They are supposed to create a 3D effect when used wet. I don't see it, but ok :D However, there is a lot of fallout when applying.

7. Essence LE Beach cruisers Blush I Summer Break; 6,8g – 1,99€

This blush was a part of a limited edition Beach cruisers that was sold in June? I think so.. However, you can still get it in some stores. I got it in DM and it was on sale. It's a lovely peachy pink gradient. It has three shades, even more if you combine them together. All in all it's the perfect summer blush.

8. Bourjois Healthy mix concealer; 10 ml – 3,50€

I got this concealer second hand. It's highly pigmented, so you only need a small amount to work with. It blends and covers really well and has a long staying power. It tends to be a bit drying, so I would not recommend it for dry skin. However, my skin is oily and for me this is a perfect concealer.

I hope you enjoyed this, and let me know if you want me to do a review on anything :)

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  1. O zakon stvari :D Ta blush sm si hotla kupt :D

    1. Hvala :D aja, js tut že tkrt, sam se mi j zdel mal predrag.. tku d zdej pa glih prou :P